Slidezilla is a mobile app that creates videos from pictures, videos, audio, and effects. It was originally launched under the name Mega Slideshow and competed with similar apps such as Flipagram, Picflow, and Replay. I was contracted by Space Chimp Media to rebrand Mega Slideshow with a new logo, user interface, brand guide, and design strategy.

The original logo was light and fun but it did not have a strong presence. The new logo proposed was designed to be bold. This was accomplished with the S logo taking precedent through subtle 3D effects in a red environment.


The agency strategized Slidezilla around the idea of the ultimate slideshow app. The description I was provided stated, "Slidezilla, built and designed to be the most badass and productive way to share slideshows. WARNING! Not for the faint of heart!" This was the direction for the moodboard I created here.

The three screens above are the splash screen, the home screen, and the edit screen. The home seeks to provide a clear instruction of what to do next. This was accomplished by having the two main options as large buttons making it clear to take action. Other options such as upgrading, support, or settings are secondary and thus are smaller. The edit screen is composed of a header and footer bar, instructions, and the container.

Red, black, and blue were the colors chosen for Slidezilla's palette. The type selected was a sans serif font called Kenzo. The colors and type selected were made to provide a bold visual identity.

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