Mega Photo - 100+ Free Real-Time Camera Effects

Mega Photo is a fun photo filter app that renders video and images in real time. I was contracted by Space Chimp Media to revamp the Mega Photo brand with a new logo, icon, user interface, brand guide, website, and design strategy.

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The original Mega Photo logo was an image of a face pasted on the Mona Lisa. While the icon is positive for referencing art, this visual is not scalable, and does not represent a progressive brand image. The new design strategy proposed below seeks to solve this problem.

The new design was based the combination of three subject matters; photo filters, a camera, and type. The result is a playful logo with a sense of subtle sophistication.

The user interface for Mega Photo has been updated with a modern feel with flat icons and a 5 column grid for visual balance. The capture icon has been designed to stand out with a gray fill and blue center for a better user experience.

The new website created is a fully responsive design that compliments the app with all the information one needs to learn about the app, download the app, or contact the developer.

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