Conojo Whiteboard, Viz Mojo Labs, Inc.

Originally conceptualized as a one-stop-shop for whiteboard tech, Conojo - an up and coming productivity app - has transformed into a collaborative platform to harness creative and data mapping, amongst many other things, potential. I was contracted by Space Chimp Media with revamping the Conojo brand with a new logo, user interface, brand guide, website, and design strategy.

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The original Conojo logo was effective in its use of images that are recognizable for their function. However, this type of logo is not scalable and does not represent a progressive brand image. The new design strategy proposed below seeks to solve this problem. My creative exploration for this project was based on the principles of simplicity, professionalism, and creativity.

The new logo was inspired by a creative approach to the type C. The result is a visual representation of the type C complimented with 3 additional circles to sublimely represent the three O's in Conojo. The visual similarity to a moon also compliments the idea of dreaming and creativity. This idea brings us to the color choice for the Conojo Brand.

Conojo's prior identity positioned itself as an all-in-one app designed for everyone from professionals such as architects, lawyers, creatives, sales professionals, engineers, and medical professionals to students, teachers, and parents. This identity will still remain intact and only the design will change. Below was the suggested update to Conojo's icon, user interface, and marketing campaign to reflect the professionalism and potential of the app.

The user interface is separated into 3 major sections: the header, the side bar, and the center space. The header is designed with simple, flat, and easy-to-recognize icons. The different weight in the icons are used to distinguish sections. The left icons in the header uses a thin weight accompanied with type while the right icons in the header uses a heaver weight with no accompanying type. The side bar tab is designed blue with white accents. The white accents were chosen to be added to sublimely reference the brand.

When an icon is selected in the right section of the header, a gray fill, a blue breadcrumb. and a new interface shows up. The new interface is characterized by a title and its respective icon features. Capital type is used to represent a button while regular type represents text.

The side bar tools are revealed when the side bar tab is pressed. Needless to say, the tools have also been designed with simple, flat, and easy-to-recognize icons. When a tool is selected, that section will be filled with dark gray and a new interface will show up revealing that tool's features. The dark gray interface is used to establish the tools section and distinguish it from the header section.

The app features a variety of premade templates that can be accessed through a separate side bar that is revealed when touched.

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